Victoria’s Largest Selection of Fresh Shucked Oysters

Nautical Nellies Steak & Seafood House is always sourcing only the best and freshest oysters of highest quality. Listed below are some of our seasonal options and groupings of oysters for our guests.

Oyster Bar Victoria

Low Tide:

Chef Creek – From Baynes Bay, Vancouver Island. Fairly briny, yet sweet flavor and a crisp finish.

Summer Ice – From Jervis Inlet, BC. Firm Sweet meat, with a hint of fresh summer cucumber.

Rosewall Creek – From Courtney, Vancouver Island. Juicy meat, briny with a clean finish.

Royal Miyagi – From Cortes Island, BC. Mild in flavor with a kiwi like after taste.

XSM Beach & Med Beach – From various areas along the BC coast. Range in size. A plump meat oyster with a clean ocean salty flavor.

Evening Cove – From Texada Island, BC. Clean, mildly briny flavor with a crisp watermelon finish.

Golden Mantle – From the Sunshine Coast, North of Powell River, BC. The meat is full and has a noticeably sweet, melon like finish.

Little Wing – From Okeover Inlet, BC. Buttery texture, rich salty with a sweet and mildly fruity finish.

Penrose Bay – From Desolation Sound, BC. Sweet taste, with a fruity cucumber finish.


Fanny Bay – From Baynes Sound, British Columbia. Firm flesh, pronounced sweetness and saltiness with a slightly metallic taste.

Phantom Creek – From Quadra Island, BC. Mild taste with a clean finish.

Metcalfe Bay – From Denman Island, Baynes Sound, BC . Plump creamy meat. Sweet flavor with a smoky finish.

Effingham – Harvested from Effingham Inlet off the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Tender and plump meat, vibrant, briny, with a smooth lettuce like finish.

Sinku – Sykes Island, Jervis Inlet, BC. A very crisp melon taste, salty with a very clean finish.

Satori – From Baynes Sound, BC. Mild and crisp with a hint of a melon finish.

Gorge Inlet – Cortes Island, Gorge Inlet, BC. Sophisticated rich and delicate flavor .

Komo Gway XSM – From Baynes Sound, BC. Medium salty taste, with a nice cucumber finish.

Whaletown Bay – From Cortes Island, Gorge Inlet, BC. Delicate, firm and Salty.

Stellar Bay – Gorge Harbor & Baynes Sound, British Columbia. Deep cupped, full meated oyster with a light sweet fruit finish.


South Lake Greenwich – From PEI. Medium size, good cup, and very salty.

Kusshi – From Baynes Sound,BC. Very buttery texture, rich & salty with a sweet, mildly fruity finish.

Village Bay – From New Brunswick. Delicate texture and a salty flavor, with hints of lettuce and asparagus.

Malpeque – From Prince Edward Island. Mildly briny flavor with a metallic finish.

Virginca – From two different Washington locations, southern Puget Sound’s Totten Inlet and northern Puget Sound’s Samish Bay. Their flavor begins fairly salty, then goes very sweet, and ends with a mild mineral like finish.

Shigoku – From Willapa Bay, Washington, USA. A light clean taste of cucumber and salt, with a finish of water chestnut and Jerusalem artichoke. Shigoku means “ultimate” in Japanese.

Caraquet – From Caraquet Bay, New Brunswick. Sweet, plump meat with a clean mild finish.

Kumamoto – From Washington State, USA. Sweet full flavor with watermelon overtones.

St. Simon Bay – From New Brunswick. Firm texture and medium brine. The flavor profile also includes some nice minerality and a clean finish.

Raspberry Point – From Prince Edward Island. Salty taste, clean flavor with a distinct and interesting sweet aftertaste.